Veep: Mitt’s Number Two

We’ve heard so much gab in recent months about who Mitt Romney, the GOP’s all-but nominee for president, will or should choose as his running mate.  Every name you can think of has been mentioned: Chris Christie, New Jersey’s loud-mouth yet lovable governor; Marco Rubio, Florida’s junior (and did I mention Hispanic?) U.S. Senator; and Paul Ryan, the ever-controversial chairman of the House Budget Committee.  There has even been talk about names most have never heard: Bob McDonnell, the governor of Virginia, and Mitch Daniels, Indiana’s chief executive.

But now that the Veepstakes has entered its audition phase, the question everyone will be asking is: “Who will he choose?”  Will it be Rubio or Ryan?  Will it be Bachmann or Bobby (Jindal, that is)?  But the question that appeals to me isn’t so much “who,” but rather “how?”  And that’s what I’ll write about. (more…)

ObamaCare and the Court: The Electoral Ramifications of PPACA

The Supreme Court oral arguments on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), or ObamaCare, are now behind us.  A nation now anxiously awaits a decision from the nine high court jurists.  Almost all Supreme Court experts who have weighed in, offering their thoughts on the outcome of the case, have agreed that the Court will split 5-4 with Justice Anthony Kennedy being the deciding vote.  Conservative commentators believe that 5-4 vote will go in their favor with Justice Kennedy deciding to strike the individual mandate; liberals believe Justice Kennedy will come down on their side of the argument and tilt the 5-4 decision to the left. (more…)