No, Not Everyone Hates the Louisiana Media

Yesterday, John Binder over at The Hayride wrote an article titled “Dear Louisiana Media, This Is Why Everyone Hates You.” In it, Binder, a regular writer for the conservative blog, lashes out at the Louisiana media for journalistic plagiarism, citing specific examples of when he and his colleagues at The Hayride have broken stories that were picked up by state media outlets without attributing the work done by writers at The Hayride.

Everyone who knows me knows I’m as conservative as (maybe even more than) anyone at The Hayride, and I agree with a number of things Binder wrote in the post. So I’ll begin there. What follows is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s a good sample of where Binder and I can agree.

  1. I agree the media has exhibited a long and well-documented liberal bias.
  2. I agree there is a noticeable double standard in the traditional media (a natural result, I presume, of their biases).
  3. I agree the mainstream media should give credit where it is due. If Binder and his colleagues break a story that another media outlet picks up and confirms, they should attribute the lead to The Hayride. In other words, plagiarism is unethical and unacceptable.

That said, none of these things surprise me. I can’t say I expect better from the liberal media.

But I must disagree with Binder’s all-encompassing statements: “Everyone Hates (more…)

Campaign Direct Mail: It’s Not All About the Money

Direct mail is essential to any campaign, regardless of size. But candidates shouldn't sacrifice quality to save a few pennies.

Direct mail is essential to any campaign, regardless of size. But candidates shouldn’t sacrifice quality to save a few pennies.

Despite the increasing flow of money into politics, campaigns — especially local campaigns — are looking for every possible avenue to stretch their donors’ contributions to the max. Frugality should always trump lavishness. But when votes are on the line, quality should never be sacrificed on the altar of cheapness. Voters judge candidates, rightly or not, on the quality of material produced by the campaign.


Contacting Congress: All Politics is Local

Executing an advocacy campaign on Capitol Hill is as much art as it is science.  Much like a political campaign, legislative advocacy is a blend of developing the right message and targeting the right people to hear your message.  One of the keys to targeting Members of Congress and to having your message heard is making contact with only an individual’s personal representative or senator.

There are two reasons for not blanketing every Member or even every member of a particular committee.  (more…)

The Calm Kid and the Uncouth Incumbent

Congressman Paul Ryan remained calm while Vice President Joe Biden lost his cool throughout the debate.

Apparently, Vice President Joe Biden saw something I didn’t because last night’s vice-presidential debate wasn’t quite as entertaining as I expected.  It was solid, and both Vice President Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan got their messages across to the American people.  What struck me, however, was the manner in which those messages were delivered. (more…)

Accident or Alternative?

Politico reported earlier this afternoon that the Republican National Convention “quickly pulled down a draft copy of its 2012 platform” after “an apparent staff error led to its posting” on the RNC website.

I have to wonder, with all of the press this past week covering the dumb remarks made by Todd Akin (R-MO) and Mitt Romney’s jest “birther” comment, was the posting really an accident?  Or was it the GOP’s way of finally shifting the news back to the Republican message?

If it was the latter, kudos to whomever’s brilliant idea it was.  And if it was truly an accident, I suspect someone will fade quietly into the Tampa night.

Exactly What He Needed: What Ryan Brings to the Romney Ticket

By now, you’ve all heard the news: Romney-Ryan 2012!  The Republican nominee for President (yes, I’ve dispensed with the “presumptive” tag), Mitt Romney, has selected Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) as his running mate.  His choice obviously departs from my prediction, but it’s a great choice.

I’m sure everyone knows a little bit about who Paul Ryan is, so I won’t detail his biography here.  But I do want to hit a few high points for you—points I believe will are significant to the election.  Rep. Paul Ryan is an energetic 42-year-old Catholic family man from Wisconsin.  He is the always-controversial Chairman of the House Budget Committee and is about as conservative as they come.  But what do these biographical points have to do with the election?  Let’s review. (more…)

Polish and Tarnish: Why Markwayne Mullin is beating George Faught in OK2

I have a special fondness for Oklahoma’s Second Congressional District.  Not only did I grow up in the district, but most of my family still lives there.  It’s a mostly rural district with only a couple of urban areas of over 30,000 people, covering most of the eastern portion of the state, including my hometown of Tahlequah.  So it’s with a little bit of excitement that I get to write about the Republican runoff currently in progress there. (more…)