No, Not Everyone Hates the Louisiana Media

Yesterday, John Binder over at The Hayride wrote an article titled “Dear Louisiana Media, This Is Why Everyone Hates You.” In it, Binder, a regular writer for the conservative blog, lashes out at the Louisiana media for journalistic plagiarism, citing specific examples of when he and his colleagues at The Hayride have broken stories that were picked up by state media outlets without attributing the work done by writers at The Hayride.

Everyone who knows me knows I’m as conservative as (maybe even more than) anyone at The Hayride, and I agree with a number of things Binder wrote in the post. So I’ll begin there. What follows is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s a good sample of where Binder and I can agree.

  1. I agree the media has exhibited a long and well-documented liberal bias.
  2. I agree there is a noticeable double standard in the traditional media (a natural result, I presume, of their biases).
  3. I agree the mainstream media should give credit where it is due. If Binder and his colleagues break a story that another media outlet picks up and confirms, they should attribute the lead to The Hayride. In other words, plagiarism is unethical and unacceptable.

That said, none of these things surprise me. I can’t say I expect better from the liberal media.

But I must disagree with Binder’s all-encompassing statements: “Everyone Hates (more…)