Northam’s A Disgrace to Virginia

In an incredible attack on E.W. Jackson’s faith and an insult to religious folks all across the Virginia Commonwealth, the God-booing party’s nominee for Lieutenant Governor, Ralph Northam, released a negative ad attempting to paint the GOP nominee for LG, Bishop E.W. Jackson, as an extremist.  I’ll highlight portions of the ad, but because the ad is conspicuously absent from Northam’s website and YouTube channel, and I’ve only seen it air once, I’ll have to do so from memory.

The ad begins with a very close-up photo of Jackson, designed to make him appear ominous, side-by-side with a book entitled “The Ten Commandments.”  The female in the testimonial begins talking about something Jackson allegedly said in the past regarding special needs individuals.  Northam uses this ad to accuse Jackson of ‘blaming’ our sin for the rise in number of children born with special needs.

Continuing to do Northam’s dirty work, the woman in the testimonial tells the viewer that she is offended by Jackson’s alleged statements because she is the mother of a special needs child, who she calls a blessing, “not a punishment.”

For several reasons, this ad is repulsive.

First, Northam, too afraid to do his own dirty work, takes advantage of a mother of a special needs child to attack his political opponent.  Special needs children – and their parents – are NOT political pawns to be used for your own gain.  Northam should be ashamed of this ad and my heart goes out to the woman whose wonderful child was used by Northam to score political points.

Second, what Northam doesn’t highlight in the ad is his position on persons with special needs.  With his 100% ratings from Planned ‘Parenthood’ and NARAL, Northam opposes even common sense restrictions on abortion.  Had the woman in his testimonial known pre-natal that her son would have been handicapped, Northam would have likely suggested (if not pressured) her to have an abortion.  Then, she would have never known what a blessing her son would turn out to be.

Third, by juxtaposing Jackson next to one of Christianity’s most prominent and revered documents, the Ten Commandments, in order to make his attack, Northam’s ad is an affront to people of faith across Virginia.

As a consultant, my free advice to Jackson would be to hit back and hit back hard!  Northam is the true extremist in this race and is simply projecting by attacking Jackson as such.

I’ll close with a quote from one of Virginia’s most famous native sons, Thomas Jefferson: “The God who gave us life gave us liberty at the same time.”  As this despicable ad highlight, Northam has no sense of the importance of God, life, or liberty and is thus a disgrace to Virginia and her rich history.

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