How Barack Obama Won

Well, it’s all but official now: We have to survive another four years with Barack Obama as President of the United States.  I say “all but” because the Electoral College (the body that officially elects the president) has not cast its ballots yet, and technically (in most states) Electors can deviate from the vote of the public and cast their ballots for someone other than their state’s popular vote victor, although this has rarely happened and never to the magnitude that would be necessary for Obama to be defeated.  But it technically could happen.

So what happened?  How on earth did Barack Obama win a second term?  Some chalk it up to incumbency, no doubt a big factor.  Some will blame Republicans (mainly because that’s what Democrats do best) for any host of reasons such as a weak ground game in comparison to Obama’s or choosing an “out of touch” candidate to run against the incumbent.  Others still will blame the American people for the sheer stupidity of voting for him again.  While I think these most of these are true to some extent (I don’t believe Americans are stupid, but I’ll get into that a little more in a second), I blame/give credit to the Democrats.

You read that correctly: The Democratic Party won this election.  Not by any noble or honest methods, mind you, but they won it none the less.  Democrats were successful at misleading the American people and making this election about anything and everything except what it should have been about: Barack Obama’s record.  And we Republicans let them get away with it.

Rather than explain why unemployment was above 8% for almost all of Obama’s first term (and under yet dangerously near it for the last two months), they cried out: “Look at Todd Akin!  He’s an extremist on abortion!”  And Americans took the bait.  Screw the millions of people out of work, some lonely congressman from Missouri said something dumb!  (As if Joe Biden never has…)  And rather than get into weeds about abortion, the GOP stayed on the economic message.  Could they have countered and pointed to the fact that as an Illinois State Senator, Barack Obama voted TWICE against measures that would have mandated medical professionals to attempt to save the life of a child who survived a botched abortion?  Sure, they could have, but they didn’t.  Would it have worked?  We’ll never know.

Rather than offer the American people an explanation about why Barack Obama ran trillion dollar deficits EVERY YEAR of his first term, Democrats invoked Big Bird.  “Oh how sad the future would be if mean Mitt Romney were to cut off funding for PBS!”  Except PBS has sources of funding besides the federal subsidies, which means that despite the whining and crying of the Democrats Big Bird’s show would have gone on.  Oh, and the federal government could have worked to cut the deficit.  You know, that deficit that was TWICE what Barack Obama called “unpatriotic.”

Rather than implore the business owners to create more jobs and improve the labor force participation, the Obama Administration belittled and hyperregulated them.  Then, when Mitt Romney rightfully pointed that out, Democrats blubbered, “Mitt Romney wants to ban birth control!  War on Women…Blah, blah, freakin’ blah!”  Here’s an idea, Sandra Fluke: BUY YOUR OWN DAMN PILLS!  No employer should ever be required by the government to provide those services to anyone.  They shouldn’t have to buy Sandra’s birth control and they shouldn’t have to buy Joe Biden’s Viagra.  If they choose to, that’s great but government should never regulate that.  That’s why businesses aren’t hiring.  And again, Republicans let Democrats slide.  They didn’t counter by pointing out that Barack Obama is trampling religious liberty by forcing religious institutions to do his dirty work for him.  They didn’t call the Democrat’s mythical war on women what it really was: a war on religion.  (A war on religion perpetuated by the endorsement of same-sex marriage, by the way.)

When Republicans started discussing the debt that is now $16 trillion dollars—about $60,000 per man, woman, and child in America—and how that pat was unsustainable, Democrats whined, “Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want to cut funding to Planned Parenthood!  They’re so extreme!”  Again, Republicans stayed on the message of economics.  They didn’t counter by pointing out that Barack Obama is the most radical pro-abortion president in history.  His stark departure from the Clintonian philosophy of “safe, legal, and rare” has led to the Obama philosophy of “any time up until birth for any reason or no reason at all.”  Barack Obama’s abortion attitude is that if at 39 weeks and six days, a woman decides, “eh, I’m not quite ready for a baby…I haven’t finished painting the nursery,” she can go to Planned Parenthood and get an abortion.  And in case you’re wondering, yes, that’s legal, and yes, Planned Parenthood does abortions at any point in a pregnancy.

So, are Republicans to blame for another four years of impending disaster?  Yes, we are, because we let the Democrats control the message.  Are Americans to blame?  Sure, because the majority took the Democratic bait, hook, line, and sinker.  But the Democrats bear the largest blame for last night’s victory.  They misled the American people.  They distracted from the failures of the most divisive president ever.  And now, we sit back and prepare for four more years of economic doom.  Don’t believe me?  As I write this, it’s not quite 11:00 a.m. on the East coast and the Dow is already down 300 points.  Get ready America.  It’s going to be a bumpy, nauseating ride.

For those of you who read The Mud Bath on a regular basis know that I always end on my Bringing it all Home note.  But I felt compelled to offer a ray of light in the midst of this darkness.  For my Christian friends, I direct you to the words of Christ.  Speaking of the end times, He says, “You will be hated by all nations because of me.  At that time many will turn away from the faith” (Matthew 24:9-10, NIV).  We are, without a doubt, seeing this come to fruition.  Even in our own nation, one that was founded on Biblical principles, we are hated for the name of Christ.  And electing a president whose policies depart so drastically from Scripture—abortion, same sex marriage, debt—shows that many have turned away from the faith.  While none of us know the day, my Christian friends, it won’t be long until we can behold the face of our Christ and touch the scars in his hands that saved our souls.

For my non-Christian friends, I offer hope for you as well.  I direct you to three passages in Scripture.  First, we are told that we have “all sinned and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23, KJV).  However, we know that “God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8, ESV).  In order to receive the grace and mercy of God through Christ, if you call on the name of the Lord, you will be saved (Romans 10:13).  If you’ve never accepted Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, I offer you hope in that you can be saved from the justice of a sovereign God.

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  1. What happened in this election with regard to the distraction techniques of the Dem Party would not have been possible without an accomodating media. They had a huge role in this as well.

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