My Case for Mitt Romney

Good Tuesday morning!  It’s Election Day in the United States, and Americans of every race, gender, creed, and color will head to the polls today to make their voice heard.  And in my eyes, the choice couldn’t be clearer.

Demographically, I fall right into President Obama’s lock.  I am young, educated, and live in a liberal-leaning area in Northern Virginia.  As such, I bear the larger burden of proof in making the case for why Mitt Romney has my vote.

I’m young, educated, and love America. And Mitt Romney has my vote.

My case is simple.  I have three paramount priorities in life, and I vote in line with these values.  My priorities are, in order: Faith, Family, and America.  I’m voting for Mitt Romney because all of these priorities have come under attack by a federal government under the headship of President Barack Obama.

President Obama has diminished one of our first freedoms: religion free of governmental interference.  He has attacked people of faith and the leaders of our communities on several occasions.  He hadn’t been president quite a year yet when he derided us for “clinging to [our] guns and religion.”  Most recently, he placed on the Catholic Church’s outreach organizations (charities, hospitals, universities, etc.) a mandate to pay for services contrary to their longstanding, deeply held beliefs.  While the liberals try to frame this issue as a Republican “war on women,” the truth of the matter is that it is part of a larger liberal war on religion.

The Obama war on religion continues into my discussion of family.  The traditional family (husband/dad, wife/mom, and kids) has served society, particularly American society, well for thousands of years.  Sure there have been valid exceptions (grandparents raising grandchildren, single-parent homes, etc.), but these have always been exceptions, not the rule.  Now, President Obama and his liberal allies want to redefine what a family is.  He “gleefully” endorsed ‘marriage’ between two people of the same gender and openly supports the murder of unborn children at any point during pregnancy and for any reason.  His advocacy on both of these issues shows the lack of respect for the familial unit and its rightful place in our society.

America is the greatest nation on Earth, and has been since her founding.  It was true when General Washington led the colonial Army to victory over the British; it was true when President Lincoln fought to keep the Republic undivided; it was true when we fought a two-front war to defeat fascism during WWII; and it was true when we banded together as Americans on September 12, 2001.  And it has been true over the last four years, but rather than American greatness being promoted by our leaders, she has remained great in spite of them.

On the economic front, we are at the weakest we’ve been at nearly any point in history.  Our debt has risen to more than $16 trillion as President Obama has spent $1 trillion in deficits each year of his presidency.  We owe countries like China more money than even the next generation will be able to repay, and we’re still depending on nations like Venezuela for our oil.  Housing prices have plummeted, as the gas prices have risen.  The average salary has dropped while unemployment continues to hover at 8%.  America is still a great nation, but she’s hurting because of President Obama’s policies.

Moreover, the United States is not as revered, respected, and feared as we once were.  From President Obama’s oversees apology tour to the terrorist attack on the consulate in Libya, the past four years have served only to weaken us in the sight of our enemies.  As a veteran, I recognize the foreign policy disaster of the past four years.  Sure, the brave men of SEAL Team Six followed the president’s orders in the raid that eliminated bin Laden from consideration, but the Pakistani physician who assisted the U.S. is now serving a three decade prison sentence because of the incompetency of the Obama administration.  While the Iranian government killed students protesting in the streets for democracy, the president looked the other way, just like he did as that same government continued to develop their nuclear weapons.  When the leader of our closest ally in the Middle East wanted to meet with President Obama, the latter opted instead to go on “The View” with his liberal pals Whoopi and Behar.

As I mentioned at the outset of this article, I am the target demographic of President Obama, which is precisely why I oppose him.  I am young, but I don’t want to pay for his debt; and when I look at my nine-year-old, I can’t bear the thought of burdening him and his future children with even more Obama debt.  I am educated, which is why I recognize his divisive tactics, understand the unsustainability of his policies, and want real change.  I value faith, family, and America.  And when those values come under attack, I fight back.  I love the United States of America.  I am a red-white-and-blue wearing, flag-saluting, Pledge-of-Allegiance-saying, troop-supporting, Oh-say-can-you-see-singing, apple-pie-eating, patriotic American.  And it’s time we have a president who is, too.  I urge you: today, make your voice heard: Vote for America, Vote for Mitt Romney.

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