Month: October 2012

Content and Conduct: A Review of the Third Presidential Debate

Well, the snoozefest that was the foreign policy debate is now in the books; and the closing statements couldn’t have come soon enough.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed watching the back and forth between President Obama and Governor Romney, the one-liners and the zingers.  But as politically astute as I am, I’m no foreign policy wonk so I paid more attention to demeanors and attitudes than to the facts (and spin) of the debate.  And I have a feeling most Americans did the same…at least the ones who weren’t watching Game 7 or Monday Night Football.  So it is through that framework I will opine on whom I consider the victor of 2012’s final presidential debate. (more…)

The Calm Kid and the Uncouth Incumbent

Congressman Paul Ryan remained calm while Vice President Joe Biden lost his cool throughout the debate.

Apparently, Vice President Joe Biden saw something I didn’t because last night’s vice-presidential debate wasn’t quite as entertaining as I expected.  It was solid, and both Vice President Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan got their messages across to the American people.  What struck me, however, was the manner in which those messages were delivered. (more…)