What the hell is going on in Colorado?

I read two news articles today from two different news sources about the goings on at the campus of two different Colorado universities.  It’s strange that I came across these two stories almost simultaneously.  I didn’t type “liberal idiocy in Colorado higher education” into an Internet search engine; I wasn’t even reading the news until these two articles caught my eye.  And after reading them both, I had to ask myself the question, “What the hell is going on in Colorado?”

Having recently come out of the collegiate world myself, I am familiar with the debate surrounding both of the topics.  The first comes as no surprise in the wake of President Obama’s amnesty executive order.  Red State is reporting that the Metropolitan State University of Denver has unilaterally decided to reduce the tuition costs for “illegal immigrants who were brought into the United States as children.”  But hey, why not?  Healthcare, amnesty, food stamps, reduced tuition…all on the dime of the American (or Coloradoan) taxpayer.  I mean, these are god-given rights, after all.  And by “god,” I really mean “liberal politicians who could give a crap less about the future of America and are only concerned about who is going to vote for them in the next election.”  That’s right, healthcare, amnesty, food stamps, and reduced tuition for illegal immigrants are liberal-politician-who-could-give-a-crap-less-about-the-future-of-America-and-are-only-concerned-about-who-is-going-to-vote-for-them-in-the-next-election-given rights.  And as anyone with half a brain knows, what the government gives, the government can take away.  That’s why I’m particularly fond of my God-given rights that the government is instituted to protect.

Now, I’m not opposed to immigration; that’s what has made the American story such a great one.  We are not a nation rooted in a common ancestry or land, but rather on an ideal.  And part of that ideal is the “give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to be free” attitude that is inscribed on the Statue of Liberty.  What I do oppose, however, is the circumvention of our immigration laws and the subsequent rewarding by liberal politicians of individuals who break those laws.  You want to be an American?  I, and the rest of America, welcome you.  But do it the right way.  We are a nation of laws and when your first act in America is an unlawful one, that doesn’t speak very well to the kind of citizen you plan to be.  And as far as the liberal rewards of welfare, social entitlement, and all the benefits of being a citizen without actually being a citizen, well, that’s just plain immoral.  But then again, when have liberals ever made a legitimate claim to morality?  And this particular reward, according the Colorado’s Attorney General, is just as illegal as the status of those benefiting from it.

The second “what the hell” article deals with our second amendment.  The Colorado Supreme Court recently ruled that the state’s universities could not forbid concealed-permitted students from carrying their legal firearms on campus.  Now in a state that has born witness to gun tragedies like Columbine and the recent Batman movie shooting, you’d think that protection from more incidents like these would be of utmost importance.  But apparently not at the University of Colorado.

The University has recently announced, according to The Blaze, that those students wishing to carry their guns on campus will be segregated and required to live in dorms apart from the rest of the student population.  WHAT?!?  This spits in the face of not only the second amendment, but in the face of common sense.  As an editorial in the Colorado Springs Gazette points out, “gun-free zones [like the ones that CU will create with their segregation rule] attract homicidal maniacs, who want the highest death tolls possible before they are stopped.”

Again, I remind you of Columbine (high school cafeteria at lunch time), and Aurora (crowded movie theater on opening night of a highly anticipated movie), and add Fort Hood (processing center where soldiers receive medical clearance before and after deployments), and Wisconsin (house of worship during service).  The Gazette was correct in positing, “[CU’s] actions could get students killed.”

So let’s review.  Students who legally carry their legal guns on a campus where, according to the State Supreme Court, they have a legal right to do so are now (likely) illegally segregated from the rest of campus.  Meanwhile, students who illegally came to the United States (perhaps through the fault of their parents) and have illegally remained here are now the beneficiaries of illegal benefits bestowed upon them by liberal politicians.  I ask again, “What the hell is going on in Colorado?”

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